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Sankofa Political party "FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE" mmmm

Details - Paper Work




The Consecution

Of The Party Of


To lead and carry out the aims and goals of the party determined "by the people for the people" for a better more prospers way of life for the country and its cisterns. The Policies of the party is to be run "by the people for the people". The people will be responsible for deciding the direction of the party and the policies and campaigns undertake by the party.

As leader, I will carry out the aims and goals determined by the members that vote on the proposals.

All polices, regulations, acts, guidelines, ideas, purposeless, before being adopted by the party must have at lest 51% of the vote by the members.

The organisation of the party of Sankofa is made up of Leader, Additional Officer and the Members.

Level 1 ; Leader (The leader is not voted for and is Permanent.)

Level 2 ; Additional Officer (Chosen by the leader.)

Level 3 ; Members

The Log's

Of The Party Of




The Financial Scheme

Of The Party Of



1) This scheme sets out how the Sankofa will regulate its financial affairs for the purpose of compliance with the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 ("the Act").


2) A copy of the Sankofa constitution, including details of its structure and organisation, and how these are determined, is enclosed.

Accounting Units

3) The Sankofa does not wish to have any accounting units separate from its central organisation.

Other Organisations within the Party

4) The Sankofa constitution does not provide for the establishment of ward branches or affiliated organisations within the party. For the purpose of compliance with the Act, the financial affairs of any newly established ward branches or affiliated organisations, will be wholly controlled by the party treasurer.

Role of the Party Treasurer

5) The registered treasurer of the Sankofa is responsible for the whole party's compliance with the financial provisions of the Act and in particular for:

a) setting up and maintaining accounting records capable of meeting the accounting record keeping requirements of the Act;

b) setting up and maintaining arrangements for ensuring that annual statements of accounts for the party are prepared, approved, audited if necessary and submitted to the Electoral Commission on time;

c) developing and putting in place arrangements to ensure that any impermissible or unidentifiable donations of more than �200 to the party are recorded and returned to sender or, if that is not possible, surrendered to the Commission;

d) developing and putting in place arrangements for recording donations of more than �200 and for the submission of quarterly donation reports covering donations exceeding �5,000 and any impermissible or anonymous donations of more than �200; submitting a nil return if there are no reportable donations;

e) developing a plan for ensuring weekly donation reports can be submitted during general election periods;

f) ensuring that the incurring of campaign expenditure and the payment of claims are duly authorised and that all relevant receipts and invoices are kept;

g) developing and implementing a campaign expenditure budget that complies with the limits, together with arrangements for monitoring compliance;

h) developing a plan to ensure the compilation, auditing (if necessary) and timely submission to the Commission of a campaign expenditure return when the campaign is over;

I) if there is a referendum to which Part VII of the Act applies, developing and putting in place arrangements for complying with the controls on referendum expenditure (this will be done by adapting the party's arrangements for the control of campaign expenditure);

j) ensuring that any grants from the commission to the party are spent in accordance with the conditions of grant imposed by the Commission; and

k) being responsible for the compliance of ward branches with the financial requirements of the Act.

Deputy Treasurers with Responsibility for Campaign Expenditure

6) The Sankofa does not intend to appoint any deputy treasurers with responsibility for campaign expenditure.

Promoting Compliance with the Act

7) The party treasurer will ensure that the party leader and all other officers and members of the Sankofa have sufficient knowledge of the party's financial obligations under the Act to ensure that the party as a whole complies with these obligations.

Financial Year

8) The party's financial year will run from 1st January to 31st December.

Amendments to the Financial Scheme

9) The party treasurer will ensure that any proposed amendments to this financial scheme are submitted to the Electoral Commission for approval.


Signed by:_________________________ (Party Leader)