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Sankofa Political party "FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE" mmmm


Details - Paper Work




My Name is Mr Hayward I am trying to start my own political party in the United Kingdom called Sankofa. I am in the Tonbridge, Kent area. I have prepared the paper work needed to become a political party other than application forms that will be done on going public.

If you Google Sankofa you will get lots of different meanings but saying the same thing "If you keep two eyes on the past, you can not see where you are going, if you keep two eyes on where you going you can not learn from your past". Sankofa is very old tribal word meaning to keeping one eye on the past and one eye on the present so you learn from your mistakes and do not forget the lessons learned from your ancestors but you also do not lose sight of where you are going.

The idea of the party is founded upon morals, values and foresight which is what the are nation requires. The motto is "for the people by the people". Let us learn from the past wrongs and do it right this time. Every member of the party has the right to vote on what happens in the party. Members may put forward any idea their have.

The estimated minimum running cost of 1,500 py 125 pm for each year for the party to just to remain running. The estimated spending cost of 180,000 py 15,000 pm for each year for the party to employee skilled staff such as Website Designer & Database Designer & lawyer & Document Writing, qualified experience professionals. This brings the total to 181,500 py 15,125 pm for each year.

For just 5 membership per year, which is a small amount, there for many people should not mind paying this fee for membership. The party needs large number of people to become members to support this new party. This keeps the cost per member down to as low as possible. To meat the full costs at 5 per member, it would need 36,300 members. This is also so that when the party becomes ready to stand for elections there is a greater likely hood for a possible win with lots of members. In addition, the more members you have the bigger the diversity and skills pool from where the aims, goals, targets, ideas, can be formed.

Although I will be the leader of the party does not mean when the part is formed and Candidate's selected I will be one of them, any Candidate's will have to be approved by the members with their vote. The political party will be more than happy to receive any donations you may be willing to give.